Made the wall in my new room #ectroluminescent

Made the wall in my new room #ectroluminescent

The world is coming to an end, but we don’t care, because we’re moon-tan nocturnal. Vinyl-consuming animals drifting easy through friendly space. An analog trance, nothing can doom this groove.

Vibrations (1996)

"Stolen and missing moon rocks." Fascinating read.

I became interested in purchasing a piece of the moon for my collection of curiosities. Turns out, moon rocks are pretty hard to come by. NASA owns em. But, it also turns out: a whole bunch of them have gone missing over the years (see linked article).

The best option seems to be lunar meteorites.

You can get tiny bits or dust of moon pieces that have naturally fallen to earth at some point. That’s not nearly as cool as some dust or a rock collected by an astronaut.

Might buy a lunar meteorite anyway.

#lava #liquidhotmagma

#lava #liquidhotmagma

Artificial Composite Woman

Here’s What Happens When You Combine The Female Leads From Every Nicolas Sparks Movie -



This #muppety bastard. #greathair  #stepyourhairup

This #muppety bastard. #greathair #stepyourhairup


Fuckin Kai tells a crazy fuckin story.

I have come into possession of yet another magical object. @ranchsauce_lis wanna show you this. #glassart #marble #magicalobjects #wormhole

I have come into possession of yet another magical object. @ranchsauce_lis wanna show you this. #glassart #marble #magicalobjects #wormhole

Three #seasons in this picture,  can you spot them all? #sprout #spring

Three #seasons in this picture, can you spot them all? #sprout #spring

$1,000 bills on ebay. They are real.

$1,000 bills on ebay. They are real.


Ghost Town Cocktail

Ghost Town:

1oz white rum (Bacardi)
1oz dark rum (Myers)
1/2oz lemon juice
1/2oz grapefruit juice
1/4oz pineapple juice
1/4oz ghost pepper syrup
Dash orange bitters

Add all to ice, shake, strain into old fashioned glass.

"Invisible garnish" with a spritz of bitter orange blossom water.

This is my first “published” cocktail as a bartender (it is now a house cocktail at Hops n Scotch) and I am damn proud of it. Orange blossom aroma, juicy, bright citrus is easy to drink, with a lingering bit of ghost pepper spice. Double rum-based (unintentionally similar to a Zombie). A refreshing balance of booze, sour, sweet, and just a little heat in the after-taste.

This is the result of a lot of tinkering, and contains three key ingredients I wanted to use: the ghost pepper simple syrup my chef had whipped up (I am a wimp for spicy things, just a tiny bit), dark rum, and my beloved childhood-Florida-vacation-memory-inducing orange blossom.

With the name, I wanted to pay homage to the classic Zombie I unknowingly channeled; as well as, obviously, the ghost pepper in there. I like to use simple, elemental puzzle pieces in my cocktails, along with a single extra “secret ingredient.” (Though, this drink kinda has two: orange blossom, and ghost pepper.)

This cocktail is much quicker to prepare if you pre-mix the juices, 2:2:1 lemon:grapefruit:pineapple, then pour 1 1/4oz of the mixture into there.

To further speed things up, I’d like to try pre-mixing the ghost simple in there (it’d be a half-part), but I haven’t tried this yet, not sure of it’ll work.

Wind chimes are such a good idea.